Sunday, July 12, 2015

Southerners take the Pledge

Dear Southerners and Friends of Liberty, we all know from repeated past behavior that the Republican party has consistently betrayed the South in Washington, making promises they never had any intention of fulfilling. The backstabbing of the Republicans regarding their base has become nothing short of pathological.

Presently, it's almost impossible to see the difference between the Democrats and the "go along" party. Indeed, it would not be hyperbole to say these two self-proclaimed "national parties" represent a distinction without a meaningful difference.

There is a desperate need for a third, Liberty oriented party, a party that will serve the people instead of the special interests controlling these two frauds infesting the seats of Congress.

Because our support of the Republicans since the 1970s has been consistent we have often been referred to as "the Solid South".  Indeed, we in the South are taken for granted by the Republicans just iike the blacks are taken for granted by the Democrats. (Note today the black community is worse off in almost every way than the day Barack Obama took office, but blacks, it seems, remain fully willing to be used and betrayed by the Democrats, putting ideology and racial bias over their well being and the future well being of their children).

The Republican party has not only lied to and betrayed the people of the South, they have now added INSULT to injury, and lead the charge against the honor of our ancestors and against the Confederate Battle Flag under which they fought and honorable war for the self-determination of the Southern people. And in all the "debate" in the media the Southern voice is NOT PERMITTED to be heard, the Southern perspective and, indeed, the truths of history, are suppressed and false history is fabricated to defame our ancestors and our very selves--all lead by the Republicans in the state houses of the Southern Republics.

Seeing these events, one can only conclude that the Republicans, like the Democrats, have given themselves over to all out tyranny.

This cannot stand, and we of the South must begin the revolt against the betrayal of the parties, because no one else will.  I am asking every southerner to take the pledge that he or she will no longer vote Republican (or Democrat). Both parties deserve to be destroyed so something else can replace them that will serve the people rather than consistently betray us.

Southerners and all who love liberty must seek to find and support candidates who have no loyalty but to the people of their respective states, and are accountable to them alone.

Politically, this is the only way to begin saving our country, if it, indeed, is possible to save it. We MUST have a third party, for even electing good men and women who are Republicans is insufficient, because inside the beltway they are quickly perverted and made into the traitorous image of the Republican leadership, useless and corrupt men like Boehner and McConnell.

If you agree, please, do two things:

1. In your own words, in the comment section below, take the pledge to no longer vote for Republicans, and let your Republican leadership know you have forsaken them just like they have REPEATEDLY forsaken and betrayed you. There must be consequences for their betrayal of the South and the Southern people.

2. Make other Southerners you know aware of this pledge page and ask them to do the same.

thank you for your consideration and may God bless the South and all in America who love liberty.

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  1. Here! I'll be the first to take my own pledge. I promise never to vote for these backstabbers in the Republican party again, and to do all I can to support those who place liberty above every other value, just as our Founders did.